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7 Essential references for good Typography practice

Designing with Type by James Craig The Elements of Typographic Style* by Robert Bringhurst (applied to the web version) Thinking with Type* by Ellen Lupton (online) Type on Screen by Ellen Lupton Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works* by Erik Spiekermann On Web Typography by Jason Santa Maria Butterick’s Practical Typography by Matthew Butterick (online) * classics Continue reading

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Wheeler on Typography in Branding

Typography is a core building block of an effective identity program. Companies like Apple, Mercedes-Benz, and Citi are immediately recognizable in great part due to the distinctive and consistent typographical style that is used with intelligence and purpose throughout thousands of applications over time. A unified and coherent company image is not possible without typography … Continue reading

Branding Quotes on the Wall (wip)

Branding Quotes on the Wall (wip)

Authenticity, for me, is doing what you promise, not “being who you are.” Seth Godin (Wheeler 2009:36) When everybody zigs, zag. Marty Neumeier, Zag (Wheeler 2009:38) A tagline is a slogan, clarifier, mantra, company statement, or guiding principle that describes, synopsizes, or helps create an interest. Debra Koontz Traverso, Outsmarting Goliath (Wheeler 2009:24) A well-chosen … Continue reading