Small Talk™ / Talk

Ece Canli, Body Politics by Design — Small Talk™ 2 — 20.04.2017



In this session, I will talk about how design[ing], as a material practice and discipline, has been actively reproducing norms and shaping the body, thereby its gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class and other identity categories, accordingly. To do that, in the first part, I will discuss some examples to unfold design’s involvement with the body politics. Then, in the second part, I will speculate about possible counteractions against the violence and discrimination design potentially creates, drawing from queer feminist theory, postcolonial studies and intersectional and decolonial thought.

Biographical data
Ece Canlı is a design researcher, performance artist and singer, currently based in Porto, Portugal. In her doctoral research, she investigates the intersection between queer theory and design practice by looking at design as an active agent in gendering, sexualising, marginalising and segregating certain bodies, while privileging some others. In the light of intersectional, decolonial and queer-feminist scholarship and epistemologies, she seeks to find possible ways of deconstructing and interrupting oppressive material regimes imposed on our material bodies. Besides her individual works, she collaborates and performs with various artists, musicians and activists. Her tools of investigation include texts, sound and voice. She is co-founder and member of Decolonising Design Group.