Logo design by female graphic designers


1971: Nike logo by Carolyn Davidson

A well-crafted logo can be the jewel in the crown of a strong brand identity. It captures the essence of a brand in a few small shapes or letters and can often be deceptively simple, yet it can take hundreds of hours of painstaking craft before it reaches its final form. In its lifetime, a logo can appear countless times on a wide variety of applications from digital to print, including 3D printing, whilst also appearing in either colour or black and white.

Throughout history, there have been many truly iconic logos designed by women. Some of these have been used to represent powerful brands and have been embraced by many across the globe. Others have added a touch of elegance or unexpected humour to an otherwise sensible brand. The examples outlined below are a selection that I felt have remained potent throughout time.

Logos designed by women by Ian Paget, logo geek