P2 / Typography

Typographic Research / Inês Caldas

12071395_10206578713604813_1765859150_n 12071367_10206578713844819_2100169489_n type&image 12092184_10206578713964822_484709068_n brody II brody I desvanecer stress 2 stress 1 12086770_10206578714004823_1013458742_n 12071330_10206578714284830_1051369968_n 12071820_10206578714444834_939597008_n 12067217_10206578714764842_839746807_n 12071818_10206578715004848_1191802432_n 12064426_10206578715484860_989597237_n 12067259_10206578715684865_933006510_n 12092549_10206578715804868_358589124_n tall copy timewatch affinity clouds dead left tears pêndulo velocidade aging inside fast food elevator walk water less insonia time stolen falling expand stitch star adding chair turn stress anonimo 1


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